Supa-vite is a direct sales company specializing in the manufacturing, marketing, and distribution of healthy food. Our products are packaged and priced with the ordinary person in mind. Our mission is to change the lives of ordinary people so that they can become healthy and wealthy at the same time. We have created a family of members called “Viters” which are our distributors. Our team is there to assist and set to achieve financial goals through the selling of products which enhances the quality of life for our customers. Affordability will no longer be a hindrance to good health.

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We place great value on all our teams, partners, and distributors to help us achieve these goals. For that reason, we frequently create platforms and opportunities to engage and acknowledge them. In our book, every person is important. We look forward to welcoming more new members to our family as we pursue victory together.

We derive our inspiration from the many testimonies of health and wealth from our customers who have experienced improvements in their lives. Supa-Vite is convinced that indeed the cornerstone of good health is nutrition hence we say, “Supa-Vite, Supa Victory!”. Born in Africa, we have our eyes set on the globe. We want to transform the lives of ordinary people all over the world using our products and services so that they too can experience victory in being healthy and wealthy.

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